Friday, November 6, 2009

Tagged...All things Blue!

Hello Everyone!

I was tagged by Vixxan to show 7 blue items from my room. This was a fun task; realized that I don't own much blue, but here's what I no specific order.

1. Me-I realized that I was wearing blue yesterday.

2. Scarf-This is one of my faves...from Target.

3.Blazer-Love this, truly Fall 2009.

4.Cap-My best friend mom made this for me. Thanks Ms. Julia!

5. Ballet Shoes-I forget what season these are from, but always classic.

6.Jewelry Box-Every girls' got to have a little blue box.

7. Decorative pillow-current bed digs.

This was really fun. Thanks Vixxan
How am I follow.

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  1. Those shoes are so cute. I really like your bedroom set too. Thanks so much for doing this post.