Thursday, October 15, 2009

Makeup Forever Haul (NY Haul Part 2)

My second stop in New York, the Makeup Forever boutique. I was like a kid in a candy store - the colors were so intoxicating! I wanted to get EVERYTHING, but I knew I'd be back so I only picked up want I felt to be pertinent at that moment.

I purchased an eye shadow palette, 8 eye shadow pans (colors: 4, 311, 167, 52, 58, 160, and 92-x's 2), 2 Aqua eye pencils (colors: 0L and 21L), eye lashes, foundation, and a spatula.

Here are some pictures.


MUFE Palette

MUFE Eye Shadow Swatches

Left to Right
Top-311, 167, 52, 58, & 160
*4 not shown, it cracked as I removed it from the package (sad face)

Aqua Eye Liners



  1. I love MUFE eye shadows and everything else. I wouldn't survive a trip to the MUFE store without coming out broke. Very nice haul

  2. I really like #58. I am going to have to pick that up.
    Nice haul.

  3. hi, im in the UK dont think we get make up forever over here or at least i havent heard of it! shame coz i love the colours! loving your blogs and your youtube vids! just commented on you comp for the mac brush! love it!

  4. Great colors...You are going to try to fill that palette soon I bet...