Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Estee Lauder Warehouse Sale (NY Haul Part 1)

Over the weekend, my best friend and I went to the Estee Lauder Warehouse Sales. This event is not open to the general public, an invitation is required for entry.

At 6am, we headed for New York. The drive from Philly wasn't too bad. I set the cruise controls and relaxed on the journey up the NJ Turnpike.

Once we arrived at the location, we parked and went inside. We presented our tickets along with our id's. We grabed a box (used for our finds) and headed in.

My first stop, the MAC eye shadow bin. This was a metal bin filled with pre-packaged MAC eye shadows; there were three in each pack for $10.00. Next, I found myself at a section of the warehouse that contained all types of Bobbi Brown makeup cases; I picked up a brush box for %5.00. I then headed arounfd the corner and picked up a Sean John Fragrance gift set for $45.00. My last stops was a table filled with items from the MAC Couture Collection and MAC brushes. . I got a MAC 182 brush from the Couture Collection for $15.00 and Magnificient Lipgloss from the Couture Collection for $6.50. I also picked up 2 MAC 187 brushes for $20.00 each.

Here's some pictures-

Eye Shadow Pack One

Daisychain, Fade, & A Little Folie

Eye Shadow Pack Two

Submarine, Memorabilia, & Cumulus

Eye Shadow Pack Three

Frisco, Stromwatch, & Intoxicate

Eye Shadoe Pack Four

Thunder, Stormwatch, & Jest

Bobbi Brown Makeup Brush Box

Sean John Fragrance Gift Set

Mac Couture Collection

182 Brush & Magnificient Lipgloss
Our next stop, Makeup Forever...stay tuned!


  1. WOW, I wish I lived near or even I wish I was invited. That would have been my 1 time a year me weekend trip.

  2. Oh geez, I wish I lived near it. Great haul.