Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Style Black Collection

Mac pulled out all of the stops with this collection. To much of my surprise, this gothic inspired, 'back to black' collection is very wearble.

This collection includes:

Black Knight Creamy

Midnight Media Dense
Night Violet Deep

Bling Black Sheer
Blackfire Sheer
Blackware Creamy

Mineralize Eye Shadows:
Young Punk
Gilt by Association
Blue Flame

Grease Paintstick:
Black Intense
Penultimate Liner

Eye Kohl:

Cream Colour Base:
Bat Black

Nail Lacquer:
Seriously Hip
Baby Goth Girl

214 Short Shader Brush Short

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator
Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask

This was a big collection! I liked just about everything, but the perspn who accompanied me on my shopping trip was rushing me. I only got to get Young Punk MES, Blue Flame MES, & Midnight Media Mattene.


Young Punk MES

swatched w/ brush (L) Foiled w/ Fix+ (R)

Blue Flame MES

swatched w/ brush (L) Foiled w/ Fix+ (R)

Midnight Media Mattene

combined w/ Funtabulous D/G


  1. Oh with this collection I really wasn't sure what I was going to get. I knew that I wanted the volcanic ash products. At first I was only going to get a few tings like the V.A,3 of the M.E.S,1 glitterglass,the black L/S,the black grease paint stick,the 214. By the time I was done at mac I bought almost the whole collection. All but the black glitterglass,both the mattenes,the black gloss & the black nail polish. Oh did you know that if you use a black base and cocomotion pigment it's pretty much the same color as guilt by association? The only reason I bought it was to show that you could do it.

  2. I wanted to try the facial stuff, but I opted not too. My face is sensitive, so a lot of stuff breaks me out.

    Your lips are to die for.